Saturday, May 9, 2015

Narwhals in 'The Adventures of Miki the Narwhal' , NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE

After much encouragement I've written and illustrated a children's book. 
The book is just out and available on Amazon,  'The Adventures of Miki the Narwhal'

Some narwhal facts.

To start, Narwhals are a little know marine mammal that live in the Arctic Ocean. They are closely related to the Beluga whale. They breathe air. 
From the group that has read the pre launch copy, about 60% of the parents (or grandparents) were not aware that they existed in the real world, they thought that they were a fictional or mythical character. 
100% of the children who were read to, or read 'Miki' themselves, knew about narwhals (before reading the book). 
Good job US primary schools!
During the 16th and 17th centuries the narwhal's tusk was valued more than gold. It was sold worldwide as being from a unicorn. 
Narwhal tusks were used in many palace entrances, for corner posts on thrones, and the powder for miracle cures.
They are still legally hunted by the Inuit's.
There are an estimated 50,000 narwhals remaining.

Some 'Miki' facts.

Miki is a young narwhal living near the island of Franz Josef Land, in the Arctic Ocean. He has a mind of his own, which can  sometimes lead to a bit of excitement. 
In 'Miki's Long Journey", he ventures out into what are unknown waters for him, which gets Miki into a very difficult situation. 

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