Monday, May 4, 2015

the blue trolley table

Blue Trolley  14" x 14" x 31.5", 2009

Most of the furniture that I design is created out of necessity rather than whim. There was just nothing else out there that fit into the elegant sparseness of our decor, and was compact enough to be a compliment to everything in the room.

   The 'trolley' is a portable and mobile table that we use everywhere, in the kitchen to hold a cookbook, an ibook or iphone caddy near the sofa, a serving table for drinks, on the deck to hold the toppings for fish tacos, a bedside book shelf, or next to the front door to put the mail on. 

It's made from steel rods that are an over run from a manufacturer, and recycled white birch. Both the top and bottom shelves grain matches since they are cut from the same block.
An edition of only five will be made.

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